About Our Products

Honey Bee's exclusive stamps are made of the highest quality photopolymer - and resist yellowing over time. They are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States exclusively for Honey Bee Stamps! You will see and feel the quality of my stamps from your very first impression. They are soft and "sticky" - and will stick to your acrylic block or stamping tool every single time! Each order from Honey Bee Stamps is packed with love, and we believe that you will see the care from our small family-operated company!

All of my stamps are un-mounted clear stamps - which means that they are not permanently attached to wooden block or base of any kind. You will need an acrylic block or stamping device to stamp your images - (sold separately).

Honey Bee's exclusive steel dies are made of high quality finished steel. They are compatible with most all die cutting machines on the market today (any machines that accept steel or wafer thin steel dies will work with my dies!)  We call our dies "Honey Cuts" - and most of them coordinate perfectly with our exclusive stamps!

Stamp Use Instructions and Tips:

Honey Bee stamp sets will arrive professionally packaged on a clear carrier sheet. When you are ready to get stamping, simply remove the chosen stamps from the carrier sheet and place them on the acrylic block or your stamping device (Misti, Fiskars Platform, Etc). Apply your favorite ink to the stamp and you are ready to create!

Typically, Honey Bee stamps will not need to be "Primed" before use... However, if you notice that you are not getting a perfect impression, it may be necessary to "Prime" the stamp before use. (This goes for any stamp, and is a basic tip for all stamping). Why? Sometimes there is a slight layer on top of the photopolymer from the manufacturing process and it simply needs to be cleaned off. If you are encountering this, the easiest way to remedy the problem is to use a white artist's eraser, and rub it over the surface of the stamp. After using the eraser, give your stamp a quick scrub on your stamp scrub pad (dry is fine) or blow away the eraser debris.  Additionally - I always recommend that you stamp your image several times on a white sheet of "scrap" paper to "load" the stamp the first time you use it.  This helps prime the stamp, as well, and will get you the best possible impression. (Note: you only need to stamp the image a couple of times before the first use... not before each use)

As mentioned above, Honey Bee Stamps are made from the highest quality photopolymer - so they will naturally be very tacky and they will stick to your acrylic blocks with ease. However - over time, use and storage - the stamps may seem to lose a little bit of the original tackiness because of a build up of dust or lint. If this occurs, there is an easy fix to get your stamps back to new! Remove the stamps from the carrier sheet and wash them in warm water with a mild dish soap. (I personally prefer dawn because it seems to really work on cutting the residue quickly). Once you have gently washed your stamps, allow them to air dry and return them to their carrier sheet for storage. (Never wash your stamps with hot water, or in the dishwasher. This will break down the polymer and destroy the stamps!).


If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.