Seaside Treasures Shaker Kit

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1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
2 units
Seaside Treasures Shaker Kit

Seaside Treasures Shaker Kit

These adorable Seaside Treasure shaker kits are perfect for creating a realistic beach themed shaker card!

These kits are only available while supplies last - and we only have a limited number of them available. We expect them to go fast! (Because of our very limited stock, we are limiting the sale to a maximum of 2 per customer. Thank you for understanding.)

Kit is contained in a hard plastic container with lid - and includes 2 Tablespoons sand with little treasures inside! Inside you will find at least 3 mini starfish, at least 4 tiny sand dollars and a sprinkling of half-cut pearls. 

Try mixing any of our Sand mixes with texture paste to create a spreadable sand paste that you can use with stencils!

Note: Each kit will also likely contain tiny fragments of shells. We have taken every precaution we can to protect the fragile nature of the starfish and the sand dollars (in most cases, we have included extras in each jar to attempt to account for possible broken shells) but please note that the jars could have broken shells or starfish... just like you would find on the beach.